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We believe that, in the near future, every freight forwarder will go digital.
Given the advances in technology and the initiatives that are being done to integrate the various supply chain members, we see going digital as a clear path for this industry. One that is becoming easier to do with time.
Our mission at LogistaaS is to empower freight forwarders through technology and to allow them to evolve into the digital forwarders that the near-future needs.

Reasons to Invest in a Transport Management
System like LogistaaS

24/7 availability, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Reduce the time spent entering data and preparing documents by 67%.

Generate accurate and useful reports in seconds.

Add automation to the pricing process.

Future-proof, continuously evolving with the industry.

Global Scale of LogistaaS

Every year, hundreds of thousands of shipments are processed through LogistaaS by freight forwarders in 45 countries worldwide. We have offices in Dubai and Amman and are supported by a growing network of local partners in many countries.

Transport Management System (TMS)

The Transport Management System (TMS) Package includes modules for managing customer relationships, pricing, shipments, and finance. It enables freight forwarders to communicate with their customers through a branded, online portal. It is also integrated with 100+ airlines and 50+ shipping lines.


The CRM package is for companies that have a system to manage shipments but are looking for a CRM to manage their sales teams. It has been specifically designed to manage the sales cycle in Freight Forwarding and shipping.

What Differentiates Us

Some of the most consistent feedback we hear from our clients when comparing LogistaaS to its competitors include:
  1. Being an easy-to-use, fast software that does the same as any freight management system in the market with a cleaner process and design.
  2. Providing excellent support and willing to do many customizations and integrations.
  3. Offering competitive and transparent pricing.


Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

Awarded as one of the top 10 transport management software solutions by Logistics Tech Outlook.

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