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We believe that, in the near future, every freight forwarder will go digital

Given the advances in technology and the initiatives that are being done to integrate the various members of the supply chain together, we see going digital as a clear path for this industry, and one that is becoming easier to do with time.

Our mission at LogistaaS is to empower freight forwarders through technology, and to allow them to evolve into the digital forwarders that the future needs.

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Global Scale

Every year, hundreds of thousands of shipments are processed through LogistaaS by freight forwarders in 30 countries around the world. We have offices in Dubai and Amman, coupled with a growing network of local partners in many countries around the world.


Freight Management

The full LogistaaS solution includes modules for customer relationship management, shipments management, inquiries and offers management, and online customer portal. It is also integrated with 50+ shipping lines and 90+ airlines.

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LogistaaS CRM has been specifically designed for freight forwarders, and includes modern tools for managing the entire sales process. Win more business and gain deep insight into the performance of your sales team.

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Awarded as one of the top 10 Transport Management Solutions by Logistics Tech Outlook


LogistaaS gave us great visibility into the operations and performance of my team. It significantly reduced the time spent doing things of lesser value, and allowed us to focus on what is important.

Shireen Nicola, Salam Shipping and Forwarding

With LogistaaS we were able to reduce documentation cost, use our data in a better way, and increase productivity with reporting tools.

Aline Baghdoyan, BlackBlues

As a system, it is really cutting edge in terms of the user interface and in ease of use. the support too provided to us is also quick and efficient.

Tej Contractor, MCC Container Lines

Coming from a manual system, LogistaaS helped us improve our efficiency and costs fivefold. It is user friendly and their customer service is excellent. We are able to focus better on our customers now.

Patrick Jeffrey Mayo, ASL Logistics Worldwide

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